Photography Heals.

Photography has healed me in many ways.

Every time I pick up my camera, the intention is the same.

"What will I learn about myself today?"

Photography has healed me in many ways.

Even though I've been actively exploring and expressing my inner-world with the use of photographic arts for the last decade or so, I had never been introduced to the concept of therapeutic photography until I began to explore teaching others about the healing powers of photography earlier this year. Although I enjoy the process of photographing others, I've discovered a passion for teaching others the idea of expanding perspectives and how it connects with emotional expression - a healing tool that has served me in my journey.

Growing up - language was a barrier in our family when it came to emotional expression. Frustration was common. I never knew how to communicate my emotions well....and photography was a HUGE support in my self awareness and emotional literacy adventure. (I will definitely dive into this more in the following posts.)

Since awakening to my souls purpose, one of storytelling with others, I have witnessed many women experience this healing in one way or another. Women who have stepped in front of my lens, learned from me, or who have shared their own experiences of the healing support photography has played in their life.

I am excited to step into the world of blogging, without expectation or judgement. A deepening of the surrender process as a life-long artist, curious to see where it all goes next.

How's my first post? Any tips and tricks from you blog writers out there? I'm newwww!

Self-portrait, July 2021 during a branding session with The Common Wellth.

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