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Photo by Jenna Lefebvre Photography

Yellow Petal Photo is owned & operated by a freelance photographer and storyteller by the name of Arleta, based in the beautiful Comox Valley in British Columbia .

Arleta genuinely believes that each moment in our lives is a miracle. We witness these miracles when we've surpassed difficulty/challenges, ones where we are bonding in union with another, or ones where new life has been brought into this world, are worth freezing in time. My focus, as your photographer, is to help you arrive at your Truth through empowerment and care.

With over 15 years experience working in the ever changing field of photography, I bring with me an incredible amount of knowledge that includes everything from helping you feel your best before we adventure on our photo session to making sure your vision and images reflect the authentic you through the editing style and thoughtfully artful compositions. I engage with the creative energy of the space and time to bring forth the most of our time together. I am very happy to involve you in the planning process and I enjoy on-location collaboration.

My specialty is in 'like-film' documentary style and noir photography. The light in the space takes the lead on what the images will look like. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of working with the light, as is, rather than the accompaniment of a production set.

You can trust that your experience will be unique and special, with memories to cherish for decades to come.

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