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Photo by Jenna Lefebvre Photography

Hi! My name is Arleta - I am the founder of Yellow Petal Photo.


Welcome to my soul work. My gifts are wrapped in new-age vision and mutual understanding of the human experience.

I will be your photographer and soul guide during this experience.


I have spent much of my young adult life leading a life of self-awareness and expansion - on purpose. My journey has brought me to this moment, where I am now offering creative expression experiences in the beautiful Comox Valley, the traditional unceded territory of the Komoks First Nation. I acknowledge I am a white settler on these lands.

I am a practicing spiritual artist, photographer, and reiki practitioner. I blend my gifts of energy work,  empowerment, and art into this experience, to serve you in your strength and resiliency.

I genuinely believe that each moment in our life is a miracle. Miracles appear in a simple flower, in the smile of your loved one, experiences during the art process, and during the kismet of awakenings that we experience as we grow. My focus, as your photographer, is to help you arrive at your Truth through creative expression, empowerment, and care.

I've photographed women in intimate settings for many moons, in both group healing sessions and in one on one sessions.

I've photographed families and couples during grandeur moments such as reunions and weddings. I get lost in the love that surrounds the moments and allow it to possess my camera.

Regardless of the occasion, during our time together, I vow to support you during this creative process - with a focus to transcend fears relating to being seen and heard.

I promise to hold a presence in our space where you are welcome to explore and express yourself in whatever way feels natural, playful, or the most creative. This is the time for you to dive in - free of judgement and fear.

All information exchanged in this experience is confidential and will be treated with sacred attention.

Your experience with me will involve an exchange of wisdom and knowledge, and artistic expression, through heart storming with your creative vision, guiding you through a creative experience, and exploring nature in its most natural form.

I specialize in a grounding connection with people while supporting the awakening of the imagination. I offer a unique artful experience that draws you into the mysteries of seeing beyond what you can imagine. My clients work with me when they are ready to show up in their fullest representation, in a limitless creation story - overcoming and recovering, while feeling bliss, joyfulness, and expansion.


If you've reached this point, you may feel that it is time to tell your story.

I invite you to join me in experiencing this journey together!

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